Our objective is to help our customers sell more customisable products so we have put together a selection of tools for suppliers to make it easier for retailers & distributors to sell their products. These tools are available to all suppliers with a Supplier Subscription to empower their customers to sell more

Add Products

Enable Website Owners To Easily Add Products to Their Websites
All the tools needed to make it easy for website owners, retailers & B2B distributors to add customisable products to their website

Place Orders

Enable Website Owners To Easily Place Orders for Dropship Products
A variety of different & flexible options to make it easier to place orders for customisable products

Sell Instore

Enable Retailers to Sell Customisable Products Instore
From posters to links for PCS to complete kiosk we have all the tools needed to sell customisable products instore

1. Promotion to Leading Websites & Retailers

B2C eCommerce Websites

The opportunity to add your products to over 500 eCommerce websites using our platform


Many leading retailers already use our platform and are always looking for new products


The opportunity to add your products to over 500 B2B eCommerce websites using our platform

2. Options for Adding Products

Download CSV Files

CPP allows you to easily create csv files of product information for your customers

Collect via API

Our JSON Restful API allows your customers to collect product information via a webservice

Download from CPP

Give your customers their own login to CPP so they can download product information on demand

Magento Extension

Provide Magento website owners with an extension that will auto download and keep your products updated on their website

Trade Portal

You can set up one of our Gateway Sites as a Trade Portal to enable customers to order your products online

3. Options for Placing Orders

Add Via Personalisation Smartlink

Our unique smartlinks handle the order process for you once added to customer websites

Add via API

Our Restful JSON API enable customers to add orders direct to yourOMS from their own website

Upload CSV File

STandard format CSV allows less tech savvy customer to upload bulk orders rather than using the API

Import from eMail

You can set up a special email inbox that will auto import orders from emails

4. Options for Selling Customisable Products Instore

Scan QR Smartlink

The easiest way to enable retailers to place orders with you – their customers can scan to place orders on their own mobile

POS Smartlink

Can be used on your customers own PCs or Kiosks to send orders direct to you

Tablet Kiosk

The full package supply the kiosk as well as the point of sale link
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