1. Find or Create Products in CPP

  • Whether you are creating your own products or using templates created by leading dropship suppliers then Gateway CPP is the starting point
  • If you are using one of our existing supplier network then simply search by category, product code or product name to find the products you want to add to your website
  • You can further refine your search by deciding if you want 2D or 3D
  • If you are not using an existing suppliers you can use CPP to create your personalisation templates before adding them to your website
  • Once you have found the products in CPP you want to sell online then you need to decide the style of product customiser you want to use


2. Choose App Layout


Simple, Flexible & Feature Rich
  • Left or Right Tab Position
  • Available for flash or HTML5 in 3D / 2D
  • Tabs for Images, Text, Gallery, Colours, Attributes, Effects etc
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Ideal for Clothing & Fashion
  • HTML5 Available for 2D & 3D
  • Tabs for Images, Text, or Product Selection
  • Colour options display on left as small squares
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • CSS Template


Modern, Simple & Stylish
  • Available in HTML5 for 3D / 2D
  • Tabs for Images, Text, Gallery, Images, Colours, Attributes, Help or Product Selection
  • External CSS available


Step by Step Sign Off
  • Available for 2D only
  • Uses “Next: button to prompt for Images, Text, & Colour Choices
  • Prompts for a formal sign off


For Multi Page & Digital Print
  • Designed for multipage printed products
  • Easy to move between pages
  • Classic simple design similar to the basic app

3 Column

Full Width & Well Balanced

Your Content Goes Here

  • All tools available in 2 side bars with image in centre
  • Clear 1,2,3 step process
  • Easy to change colours to suit your website


Designed for the Smaller Screen
  • Designed to look like a mobile app
  • Works in Portrait or Landscape Mode
  • Can be modified with CSS

No Preview

Takes Orders without Previewing
  • The easiest way to get products online
  • Just captures the personalisation details without preview
  • Supports text and images

Print On Demand

Fixed Designs with Options
  • Developed for fixed designs but still allows you to change colour and size
  • Add unlimited additional attributes
  • Still creates artwork in backend

Greetings Cards

Specialist Format for Cards
  • Designed for Greetings Cards enables you to see all 4 pages at once
  • Supports unlimited text and image area
  • Multiple sizes supported

Photo Prints

Layout for Photo Prints
  • Specialist App designed for fast photo upload
  • Change photo print sizes
  • Multiple image sources

Kiosk / POS Links

Designed for Retail / Instore
  • Can use most layout types
  • Adds jobs direct to production
  • No need for separate website
  • No need for payment gateway
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Want to See Some App Examples

Click the green button to visit our Product Personalisation Apps demo site
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3. Create Smart Link

  • Once you have found the products and decided the best layout for your website then you can create the links / URLs to needed to enable online customisation
  • Each layout also has further configuration options to enable you to select the order of the tabs and refine the functionality of the personalisation app
  • Each layout can have different configuration options covering styling, content display and even pricing as well as the tab order
  • Links can be created either individually using the link builder or in bulk by exporting as a CSV file or by using the Developers API to retreve the details
View Configuration Options


4. Integration Options

  • Now you have your product smart links you just need to integrate them with your website or other platform
  • This can be done either by adding the links to your website manually, importing the csv file created or using our Developers API
  • For Magento eCommerce users we have written an extension that will manage the import process for you and then integrate with the Magento Shopping Cart  this is available from Magento Connect
  • If you are writing your own integration using our API then this should take no longer than a day for an experienced developer
  • Once the links are available on your website you will need to integrate our smart links / iframes with your shopping cart and confirm to our artwork management system when the order is paid for so we can deliver the print ready artwork to your chosen machine or fulfilment partner
View Integration Options