To enable us to deliver a powerful, stable and fully supported website for selling customisable products all Gateway Sites include the following hosting & support elements. if you are looking to host your own website then we also have a network of independent website developers who all have experience of working with our personalisation technology. Gateway Sites are not available for self hosting but the Magento Extension & Personalisation Apps are all available for your own development use.

eCloud Server

All sites hosted at UK Fast on our own eCloud Network that includes mirrored servers for instant redundancy to ensure 99.9% uptime guarantee

Server Software

Support included for all server side software such as PHP, MySQL & Apache needed to run your website including security patches

Magento Community Edition

All sites based on Magento CE. We will always use the latest stable version and your monthly cost includes the addition of security patches and key updates

Magento Extensions & Modules

Gateway Sites include a heavily modified version of Magento with specialist extensions for selling customisable products

Back Up & Disaster Recovery

All sites are auto backed up each day so in the event of any serious issues can be reverted back to a previous version of the website

Gateway CPP Access & License

All Gateway Sites are powered by Gateway CPP so your monthly cost includes access to the CPP Admin Panel for managing your products

24/7 Server Monitoring

All servers are monitored 24/7 for performance issues – this means server issues can be identified and resolved 365 days a year

Browser & Security Patches

All Gateway Sites comes with a guarantee that they will be compatible with all the main web browsers. This includes resolving any issues caused by browser upgrades

Dedicated Support Desk

All sites include user support at which offers email, telephone & knowledgebase support for both Magento Site Admin and Gateway CPP Product Management