QR codes are a great way to create and sell customisable products from a point of sale display or other printed promotional materials. They are very cost effective and enable any smartphone or tablet user to scan them and create / buy product on their own phone – try out the simple examples below

Example Applications for QR Codes

Create Photo Gift

Scan code then upload images from your phone to create a photo gift

Personalise a Product

Scan code then add text to create a personalised product

Create for Instore Fulfilment

Scan code to create a unique gift for collection instore

Create & Preview a 3D Product

Scan code to create a 3D product on your mobile

Mobile Smartlink Layouts


All QR Codes should use only the mobile layout as they are most commonly accessed via smartphones

  • QR codes can display a mobile website or smartlink
  • Mobile layouts using smartlinks can be customised using CSS if required but are normally non branded
  • Bespoke mobile layouts can also be created
  • All smart links can be used either with or without an ecommerce website
  • To take payment online smartlinks need a paypal account or shopping cart connected
  • Mobile smartlinks can also be configured to take payment instore
  • Smartlinks can also be configured for multiple outlets and OMS reporting can then be used to manage an affiliate scheme
  • To find out how to set up a smartlink visit our knowledgebase